Running for ACP Senate [Vice President]

by Flipmoo

What guarantee is there of the ACP Senate continuing after what happened with the Divisions?

I will make it durable.

It will and shall last if I get elected.


I will not criticize my competitors.

I am calm–I will not act before thinking.

I will hear your voices.

I will represent the ACP like I’ve always have.

If you do not like me, I will not force you.

I love the government

I know the government

I enjoy learning the government

I know what I am doing.

My time zone gives me the advantage of being able to work on constitutions, regulations, and management of the ACP Senate.

Simplified, I have enough time to keep the Senate going.

It’s YOUR vote.

You decide who you want to vote for.

I did create my own constitution for an army. It’s completely flawless. I won’t use this governmental system in the ACP, but this particular constitution I made was a masterpiece. The best part is, it actually worked.

Check it out by clicking here.

~ACP 2nd in Command, ACP Ausia Division Commander, ACP 2013 Best Soldier Award Winner, ACP 2013 Funniest Soldier Award, ITSA Head~