Apparently, Funks is completely blind.

by Flipmoo

How did this guy become the ACP leader anyways?

I know nothing of the Black Alliance and other bullshit events that are going on, but I know one thing for sure. The so called “Pirates Army of Club Penguin” are destroying the ACP. Both from the outside and from the inside. And apparently, Funks is blind, and he can’t see what’s happening to the ACP right now.

Check out this post Waterkid100 (Pirates Leader) wrote on his army site. Full post can be found here.

There has been a lot of questions why I quit the Pirates to join the ACP scum. It wasn’t for the love of the ACP, but for a mission. If I couldn’t take down the ACP down from the outside, I guess I would have to do it in the inside. I already told the Pirate moderators and owners my plan, and they played along. Although I didn’t complete my goal, I have to say, being in the ACP was the worst thing that has ever happened to me in Club Penguin armies. You get dumb ass noobs saying ”im on aurora” or some crap, and then Foldez is talking about Naruto like a dumb b!tch she is. You also get the gossip crew who keeps bombarding the chat with useless crap, and that stupid Cait as well. There is also the moan crew who keeps b!tching about how ACP could be better if funks did this or did that, and if they aren’t doing that they are talking about stupid football. And don’t get me started on Galaxie and Mr Waffle. Those two are the biggest faggots I have ever seen, second to Kingfunks. They ban and kick for the most stupid ass reasons, and Mr Waffle can’t even spell, he spelt illegal ”illeagle” and made plenty of other dumb ass typos, they’re so stupid that sometimes you are worried that the kid has some mental issues. And Funks, he is an idiot. I PC’ed him asking him what rank I would get if I joined. Me, the guy who always wanted to kill ACP, and he gave me a moderator rank on the SPOT. Then the moan crew and Galaxie complained so he made me second highest member. Then I got promoted to highest member and funks made me a handpicked moderator during the Migrator invasion. So if you’re an ACP member rank and have a crappy rank I suggest you create a big army and declare war on the ACP, then ask funks what rank you would get if you joined because I guarantee he would give you a moderator rank.

Literally. What the fuck is wrong with both of the sides? King moderates an enemy soldier just because he has so called “experience” and lead a major army. ACP isn’t like those other modern armies that exist around Club Penguin. ACP used to be one of the only armies where you were never able to get such a high rank without serving for them for a long term, and Funks gave it to him immediately. Literally. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

Waterkid is destroying the ACP right now. He’s not going to quit until he’s satisfied, and his whole army is involved in this project.

Yeasy is a Pirates soldier who is also in the ACP as well. The thing is, Yeasy is not a moderator rank (according to the ACP ranks of February  28th, 2013) in the ACP, but he is a moderator and continues to bans users who have left the chat. Yeasy makes up reasons for his guesting&bans, and he’s preventing ACP troops to access the ACP chat.

Troops that have been banned have actually filled a complaint in the ACP Reports page (where soldiers report unfair bans and such), but the reports have been ignored and this continues to happen.

Waterkid and his army are doing a nice job of trashing the ACP, and their leader Kingfunks is not handling this situation correctly.

He’s the worst ACP leader I’ve ever seen ever since the impeachment of Seanhawk a.k.a Meat.