New Catalogs/Armies/Xat

by Flipmoo

Sensei has made a scavenger hunt for us! The places are:

  1. Ski Lodge
  2. Book Room
  3. Puffle Shop
  4. Mine
  5. Pizza Parlor
  6. Cove
  7. Beacon
  8. Dojo Courtyard

Picture 1

The other catalogs I failed to take pictures since I’m on a iMac. xDD Sorry guys. Here’s a video.

Igloo Catalog:

Nachos are invading Mammoth, a neutral server this Saturday. ACP will be invading Fjord (A Nacho Server) on the same time as the invasion. UMA will be defending Fjord from ACP bt I doubt they will hold. ACP has fallen to the second largest army, and the Nachos came to the first. Ice Warriors are helping the Nachos, and other armies are not in this yet. In my opinion, I don’t think Nahcos will be able to go on Mammoth, since it’s a very popular server. Even if they can, they might not be able to get in at a future event.

IMAF and RPF are having a practice battle this Saturday, and I hope to see a good battle. Golden Warriors have been growing alot lately, and passed IMAF. ST unmerged from DR, and their site got deleted due to a violation.

Boomer’s Top 10 List for Whos.Among.Us *THIS IS NOT SIZE*:

Disclaimer: This list is purely based on statistics, so it is not based on opinion and cannot be argued.  It is what it is.  Enjoy.

These are rankings based purely on viewership of your site.

If you want your army to be listed here, make sure you have a Whos.Amung.Us widget on your site, and then give me your site’s link. I will add you to the list.

The rating after the army shows how the army’s positioning has changed from the last one (August 17th). This will hopefully give everyone a better sense of how each army is doing. Feel free to post these on your site, but make sure you give me credit.

Here is the list so far (the first number is the average number of viewers at one time [average throughout the day] over the span of a week, the second number is the average maximum number of viewers the site had during the day over the span of a week, and the third number in brackets is how many positions the army moved up from last week):

Note: Green means it went up, Red means it went down, Yellow means it didn’t change

  1. ACP (Army of Club Penguin) | 9.9 [3.2] | 30.7 [8.7] | [N/A]
  2. Nachos | 6.1 [5.6] | 26.1 [4.6] | [N/A]
  3. IW (Ice Warriors) | 2.3 [0.8] | 17.7 [5.4] | [N/A]
  4. RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation) | 2.0 [0.5] | 9.1 [1.4] | [+1]
  5. WW (Watex Warriors) | 2.0 [0.1] | 9.0 [0.7] | [+1]
  6. UMA (Underground Mafias Army) | 2.0 [0.1] | 8.9 [1.1] | [+2]
  7. GW (Golden Warriors) | 1.4 [N/A] | 9.6 [N/A] | [N/A]
  8. IMAF (Impossible Mission Army Force) | 1.3 [0.1] | 8.7 [0.4] | [+1]
  9. BP (Black Panthers) | 0.9 [0.2] | 6.0 [3.1] | [+2]
  10. Romans | 0.9 [0.1] | 5.4 [1.0] | [+4]
  11. NRF (New Rebel Federation) | 0.6 [N/A] | 5.1 [N/A] | [N/A]
  12. MFW (Mysterious Freedom Warriors) | 0.6 [N/A] | 4.7 [N/A] | [N/A]

Large Armies Without Widgets:

  • Dark Rebels (Formerly ST)
  • Red Warriors
  • BB (Black Bandits)
  • CPRA (Club Penguin Rulers Army)

Army of the Week: UMA (Underground Mafias Army)

UMA wins for being the only army that actually did not fall over the past few weeks.  As you can see from the list, they were the only army that grew, while everyone else shrunk.  There battle attendance has improved significantly as well.


Many armies fell over the past few weeks, but none fell harder than the Nachos.  Since August 17, their viewership has nearly been cut in half by leadership issues and Shadow (mostly Shadow).  ACP fell quite a bit too, going from 13 viewers at once per day, to not even 10, a 25 percent falloff.  IW took a big hit as well, losing a quarter of their viewers, as well as RPF who lost 20 percent.  The only other armies showing some amount of growth (or perhaps just not falling as far as the others) were WW, IMAF, and the Romans.  The Golden Warriors are a breakout army, and with everyone else falling, may even move up the list next week.

How to Get Recognized:

  • Make sure you get on Club Penguin frequently, and take a lot of pics
  • Post the best ones on your site so people appreciate your size
  • Get a Whos.Amung.Us widget for your site so you and others can keep track of how many viewers your site gets at any one time, or over a period of time
  • Make a habit of entering your army in tournaments or attending battles as an ally so other major armies get used to seeing you around Club Penguin

Hasn’t been doing much. The price of Angel went up again, and so did fade. Heart and fade is now 400 xats, and Angel is 70 days, or about 900 xats.