Shake Your Booty

by Flipmoo

*Does the Jig*

Welcome to the ClubPenguin News Central. This site will tell you about the ClubPenguin events, ClubPenguin Armies, and xat.

I am removing all authors off the site.


Today, the newspaper came out.

Here’s a sudoku on CP.
Picture 37

Picture 38

New Prize Items came out for the fair.

Picture 57Picture 58

Also, the stage, “The Penguins That Time Forgot” is back.

Picture 56

Don’t forget to check out the new Epic Postcards!

ClubPenguin Armies

The Tacos have been causing trouble to WW lately. Tacos invaded Tuxedo, and WW is trying to defend it. WW seems to be equal with the Tacos, and they proved that on their epic invasion. WW now has a tough enemy in their hands. UMA’s capture the capital is unusual for me, so IMAF didn’t enter the “Capture the Contest.” Smit11 of the IMAF (Leader) retired, and IMAF dropped alot. They seem to be rebuilding, and because of Leboto, the new IMAF leader, IMAF veterans are joining back. ACP hasn’t been doing much. They started to make ACP trading cards, and I think that’s a unique card. Also, I hate it when armies don’t post pictures of events. It doesn’t make things interesting. You have no proof if you won or not, and it’s plainly boring reading a post without pictures. Nachos haven’t been doing much either. They do recruit, but no pictures are posted on the site, which makes it disappointing.  ST and OR merged to form DR, Dark Rebels. They have sown improvement, and I think they will be a world power soon. Speaking of World powers, IW has grown alot while the other armies have fallen. IW is almost as large as the Nachos, so we can call IW a World Power. They take over the whole room with troops, for example, here’s a example of some battles.

Reds seem to be orginized, but not sure about tactics. On this picture, OR (Now DR) is gathered up with the Reds are sort of spread out.


The new power, fruit is out. Fruit is unavailable on, but you can buy fruit for 200 xats~ 300 xats. Don’t get ripped off. Fruit is usually 210 xats on trade.

Fruit can add a orange, plum, pear, apple, and lemon. Xat recently added banana, which is a very funny icon. Picture 39