Puffle Party

by dannysolo

The puffle party is on club penguin and ive got to say its awesome. Heres a couple tips if you dont know already. 1. If you go inside the yellow puffle hq(lighthouse) you can get a self portrait 2. By hovering over the director(lighthouse) he’ll signal for the actors(yellow puffles) to start acting 3. You can throw balls and o’berries in the forest and the secret room above the snow forts 4. You can change balloons and other items the color of the puffle you take for a walk 5. In the underground you can click on a button that says close windows to make four black puffles catch on fire 6. At the cove by clicking on the pirate ship you send a red puffle flying through the air 7. At the snowforts you can throw a snowball at a puffle and it will hit the puffle in the face. Thats all. Also find a free item a pirate hat at the cove. Heres some pics ~[)@/\//\/’/ $0/0~party1party2party3party4party5party6party7party-puffle-toypuffle-party-beachpuffle-party-coolpuffle-party-feedpuffle-party-war