Puffle Care

by Abominable46

So Club Penguin put out some helpful hints about getting your Puffle to get it’s groove on, yo.

Puffle Hints and other smoovey Puffle stuff.

Your Puffle’s health will GO DOWN WHEN IT’S HEALTH IS FULL if you do these things.

1. Don’t make your Puffle eat any Puffle O’s when it’s full. If you do, he will eat too much and nearly explode and get sick. (JK) 😉
2. Don’t make your Puffle sleep when it’s full. If you do, he’ll have nightmares about Giant green Puffle O’s and get freaked! (JK) 😉

You can get your Puffle’s health to GO UP IF IT NEEDS MORE HEALTH if you do these things.

1. Play with your Puffle. When you do, your Puffle builds up super muscle power and can lift the whole Iceberg with one hand. (JK) 😉
2. Feed your puffle. Puffle O’s are filled with caffeine and Apple Sauce! (JK on the caffeine) 😉
3. Make your Puffle sleep. He needs a happy nappy. 😉

Remember the Puffle Par-tay starts Friday! And yeah, pretty obvious what the colored boxes are for. There will probably be different areas for different colored Puffles.