French Servers!

by Abominable46

You can now read and use Club Penguin in three languages: English, French, and Portuguese. To change the language of the Club Penguin, look for this tool at the top of the screen:


If your not on the play Club Penguin page, then you should see this tool:


If your using English, it’s what we normally see. The French language is very different. The grammar, and spelling is very odd and different to us. Everything we read and see will be in French. Here are the French servers:


Mostly French penguins will be using this language of Club Penguin, but it is open to everyone. It’s really cool to see everyone typing in French, and if you don’t know French, you can choose a word from the word selection list.


On the French servers, our names show up as Penguin ID. All penguin names will need to be approved until they can show up on the French servers.

Let me know what you think about the new French servers!

-Abom Out!