Whole Bunch of Stuff Late.

by Abominable46

LATE. This may be why we’re losing Hits.

Their is a new snow and sports catalog at the sports shop. Here are the cheats:

Click the flame surfboard, sea shell, and the star fish to get the silver  surfboard.                                                                        silver-surfboard-cheat

  Click on the climbing wall for the climbing gear.



The new lily pin is located at the Beacon.

Snow is being stored at the Lodge Attic for some March fun. Originally, it was planned for February.notice-board1

If you’ve played the new dance contest game and you’re really good at it, try the club penguin cheat below. Here’s how to enter the expert level of the dance contest game:

1. Go to the Night Club and walk over and play the dance contest game.

2. Once the game loads, click “New game” and then choose a song.

3. When asked to choose a level, click on Cadence’s scarf.


4. Cadence will ask you if you’re ready for a challenge. Click on “Yes, I am a great dancer. I can handle it.”


5. You will be brought into the expert level of the game. Be quick because it goes really fast!


Many of you have been asking about being able to get the Club Penguin DS game in other countries, and the Club Penguin team has been working really hard to make it happen.


The Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force DS Game is already available in English for some Latin American countries, and they have confirmed that in the spring of 2009, it’ll be on the shelves in the United Kingdom and Australia.

All present and future EPF agents, let us know what you think about the game!

Oh and Danny Solo please make the width of your chat smaller because I keep having to space out my posts and it makes em look dumb.

-Abom Out!