by dannysolo

Yea if you just checked out the new catalog you just found out they brought back the old black togue. Disney is bringing back every old item they know but i still have a ton rare. Recently i e-mailed cp heres what they had to say. Well the penguins from the begging of club penguin have quit because they r too old for it but now we have new generation of kids and we wanna give them the chance at old “rare” items. Also it gets rid bullying and teasing about whos got what. And most penguins asked to bring it back.

Anyways the pin is at the pet shop and rockhopper is returning. heres some hidden items.
Light up all bottom lights of tree: yellow scarf
Click red penguin face: Viking helmet.
Click flipper shoes: Black mask
Click lighthouse in backround: red hoodie ps my sis asked for this idea.
Click purple bow in girls hair: pink pom pom
Click tree in backround: russian hat
Here some pics!! gift21gift3gift4gift-1gift51pin