Ninja Update

by dannysolo

Im a black belt! Heres hoe to beat Sensei! WARNING ONLY FOR BLACKBELTS!!!

1. Fight him 7 times on your 7th time he will let you win.

2. He gives you the Ninja Mask.

There you have it. Go to courtyard enter door on left. Your in the Ninja hideout. Also called the flying flippers emporium. There you can battle other ninjas, buy items, or hang out. The catalog there is called the Martial artworks. There is a ninja suit for 1000 coins, ninja igloo 5000 coins, rice paper wall screen 500, stone lantern 575, and a hand gong 400 coins. if you wear the ninja suit and dance youll turn invisible. Thats all for now. Im going to have a pre-thanksgiving party at my igloo. Stay tuned for