Fall Fair

by dannysolo

Fall Fair is out it is awesome sorry that i didnt post sooner but I thought Slimball2007 might want to post so i am . First there is a secret area for members where you can get items like yellow sunglasses, teddy bear, and candy apple the games there are balloon pop and super soaker. Some items for non members are  green sunglasses, Carousel Background, feather tiara, cotton candy and yellow balloon pin. Also a lollipop pin is at the lighthouse. Some of my favorite rooms are forest, coffe shop, ski mountain, iceberg, and dance club.  On Friday the Halloween costumes come out so yay! Club Penguin took away the glitch to get all the tickets and now garb and spin is currently unvailable. Here are some pics Slimball2007 please please post I need your help. ~[)@/\//\/’/ $0/0~ Also like the colors?  SLIMBALL2007!!!!