by dannysolo

WOW! Cp put alot of effort into the cp games. With red v.s. blue everywhere around the island like mancala, find four, hockey and a secret room for members only where you can play soccer. Also there are three events you need to complete in order to win the gold medal(which is wearable) the first event is the marathon which starts at the ski village. Once you get to the starting line it will count down from 3 then you can start to run also make sure to light up every light on the track or else one in a different room wont light up. It ends in the Cove. The next event is three laps around the iceberg same thing stop at the lights. Then comes the 6 stretches in the pool underground keep in the top lane in this event I was faster than Michael Phelps. After beating them all you will be awarded with a gold medal. Team Reds base is located at the coffee shop where you can pick up the red face paint. The Blue base is located at the Pizza Parlor where you can pick up the blue face paint. Really didnt exceded expatations but a great party. ALSO I HAVE A POLL WHICH TEAM IS BETTER RED OR BLUE? The team with the most comments about there team. Will get to have a 200 worded post about how much better this team is than the other. BTW Slim can you please make a video about the party I dont have enough time for pictures. ~[)@/\/\/’/ $0/0~