by dannysolo

Danny Solo here since slimball2007 is sick I will post. Rory has finally built the new ship igloo which you can now buy. Also new dodgeball pin at the stage and the return of the very rare basketball background. This Friday is the Cp Games and its been 2 years since the first. Heres a description of the first one: The ice rink has scoreboards and when you make a goal it counts it on the scoreboard,face paint, and iceskates, and red vs blue. Anyways Dan Solo my frist ever penguin was unbannedand he lots of rare items like: Army background, Red Beanie, Ice Skates, Face PAints, Pencil PIn, Lighthouse pin, Soccer pin, Ice hockey pin, and Lighthouse background BTW IM A MEMBER. Anyways As slim metioned Olymipcs going on I watched about 24 events already. Hope Slimball feels better. ~[)@/\/\/’/ $0/0~