Rockhopper Returns

by dannysolo

Umm just tryin to say that if you didnt know you can pick up some free brown boots from rockhoppers ship also if u click the steerin wheel on the items that rockhopper brings a hidden item will pop up its a lifeguard ring you can wear. Aslo this morning my lil bro was on cp playing Cart Surfing and when he finished the game he earned NEGITIVE 4811 which was deducted from his coins heres the picture I took it happened at 1:42 pst. Really kind of wierd. Also Im am member my name is Dan Solo and I usually am at Frozen so if you see me just say my name and i will add you. O YA SLIMBALL MADEA VIDEO AND I WAS IN IT YOU CAN VIEW IT AT YOUTUBE or below. Well thats all also as slimball2007 metioned school starts up very soon *sigh* I hate school. Gotta love summer vacation though. K well you people viewing this sight I wanna thank for your support without you guys this site wouldnt be full of activity. Thanx ~[)@/\/\/’/ $0/0~