Lots Of New Stuff

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins!


I would like to start with CP news!

Next to the moderator sign there should be a Paper Boat icon.

It’s like the Easter Egg Hunt but all of the boats are the same icons.

Heres a gif animation on were the boats are.

Danny Solo If you want to add on this, you may.

1: Mine

2: Cove

3: Coffee Shop

4: Dock

5: Pool

6: Pet Shop

7: Beach

8: Ice Berg

After you got all of that a puzzle will come out. Here is a picture of the puzzle completed (edited)

Click To Enlarge

The prize is a blue print background:

Sorry If I destroyed your surprise! 👿


I got a Meebo Error/School!

All my friends got online!

Click To Enlarge

Also on this weeks Monday I will have to go back to school. Yay and boo. Why Yay? I like to see people do funny stuff. Boo? Homework, work and most of all mean people.


I am also going to get a new game called Warcraft III Reign Of Chaos and Warcraft III The Frozen Throne.

Rated: T Blood Violence

Here’s the cover:

Middle one is Reign Of Chaos, Left is The Frozen Throne, and the right are posters.


My New Video that me and Danny Solo Made.


News News Snooze, my new widgets.

To view it you must click on a page/post and look at the second sidebar once it is loaded. The text color should be white. Details are on the widget.

Thanks for hanging around! 😀

Feel The Joy! 😀