Its Here Music Jam 08′

by dannysolo

After a long wait Music Jam 08′ is finally here and boy do did they do a great job. Make sure you dont miss this party. If you get the backstage pass(snowforts) you can get backstage of the docks concert when you are backstage its like a star dressing room make sure to pick up some instruments for sale also there selling the long awaited return of the headphones but remember this is only for members. The non member items include the old maracas and a Music Jam 08′ T-shirt. Also cp has put over 8 differnt background music through out cp. Also the release of the new game DJ3K came out. Well you got to see it for yourself. Heres some pics incase some body misses the party. Enjoy ~[)@/\//\/’/ $0/0~ chargerguy13 is cool.