You’ve Got Mail

by dannysolo

Yesterday clubpenguin was shut down for new mail and server updation so I couldnt get the 20000 coin picture today however they were back up and when I first logged in they recomended me servers and instead of the non smiley faces they were green lines so anyways I clicked more servers and all the servers from America,Canada, Britan, and Australian were combined and in alphabetical order. I liked it the old way but its different so I can adapt to it easy. The new mail cp was talking about also was released its so cool you can save your mail erase it and you can eve send it to somebody who is not online and they can view it when they log into cp also your first message is from cp and they give you a free blue mailbag(its really cool) .Also the 20000 picture will be moved to Friday. Heres some pics enjoy ~[)@/\//\/’/ $0/0~.