Happy 4th of July!!

by dannysolo

Hey penguins tommorows Independence Day and Club Penguin is sure celebrating with there own fireworks at the Iceberg and Mountain. Also huge thanks to Princess975 who sended me a picture of Rockhopper but as you can see the picture clearly shows a different name than Rockhopper. Heres what Princess975 had to say: I was inside Rockhoppers quarters when Rockhopper showed up. He left quickly but said “Yarr be needing some food me scallywags”. I then clicked on the chat moniter at the top of the screen and clicked on his comment. His card then read “Cpinhouse30”. I dragged the card into the ship hold and then into the Main Deck where I took a picture and saved it . It was so wierd. Please post this please please. thank you a big fan. Princess 975. Ok so thats wat Princess975 said I dont know if that helps hackers but its really wierd becuase she evn took a picture of him when he was in the quarters. Well anyways nobody claimed the 10000 coin prize so I will start it again on Monday. Oh ya Happy 4th of July penguins and Slimball2007. ~[)@/\/\/’/ $0/0~ PS. The following pics are NOT EDITS I repeat these following pics are NOT EDITS!