Mission 8 Mysterious Tremours/Return Of Rockhopper

by dannysolo

Well today the new mission finally came out! I will explain what to do: First make sure you have completed all the older missions before doing this one.

Step one: Fist you start off talking with G who sends you too the dock. At the dock Herbert and Klusty show up on a drill. Then he looses the map for the underground tunnels. Klusty accidently cuts it in half and the pieces float away. 

Step Two: Go to the beach and pick up a net in front of the lighthouse. The go inside the lighthouse and and ask the orange penguins for the pack of balloons. Then ask the purple penguin for a cream soda barrell. 

Step Three: Go to the plaza and go inside the Sport Shop and pick up the nails next to the tent. Then go through the secret entrance in the changing room to go to the HQ. From there enter the gadget room and talk to G after that if you click on him youi will ask to borrow some super helium which is next to the Sub 1000. Also grab the biege hat from the hat section and the hammer on the wall.

Step Four: Go to the Town and enter the Coffee Shop and offer to clean up the cookies. Then she will give you a free cookie. Go back to the Town and put the biege hat on the green puffle then feed him the cookie he will grab half of the note.

Step Five: Go to the snow fort where the other half of the note will float by to the Plaza. Enter the Plaza and the note will land in a penguins newspaper. When you ask for the newspaper he will ask you to get him a pizza. Go to the Pizza Parlor and order the pizza then give him the pizza in exchange he will give you the newspaper and the other half of the map. Combine both halfs and go to the Dock.

Step Six: Pick up the lantern by the hole and enter the hole. Then go through the left tunneland turn on the the lantern the go through the left tunnel four more times and then go through the right and you will be by the gift shop entrance. 

Step Seven: Shake the Cream Soda up and put it under the gift shop(if it doesnt work the first time try it again). It will sry the gift shop up. Then quickly go to the town and put the ballon over the helium tank in your inventory and it blow up a balloon. Put the ballon on the gift shop and it will lift u the gift shop ASAP put the net under the gift shop and the put the box of nails on the net then use the hammer to nail the nails into the ground.  Tip: If you were too slow on that step it will not work. If u were too slow go back to the lighthouse and grab another cream soda or fill up thhe ballon ahead of time.

Step Eight: Repeat step Six bhut instead of appering in fornt of the gift shop u will be next to Herberts digger. USE YOUR WRENCH IN ON YOUR SPY PHONE AND CLICK IT NEAR THE WHEEL LOOKING THING INSIDE OF THE DIGGER. You will then be able to put into your inventory. 

Step Nine: Enter through the hole in the wall and you will talk to Herbert who will destroy the Boiler. He will run off and you will get a cal from G. To fix the Boiler click on the pipe the connects to the bolier. Then you will need to fix it by connecting the pipe on on the bottom right and the pipe on the top left DONT FREAK OUT IT IS NOT THAT HARD. You can even swap parts from places not even around the part you are trying to connect. After fixing it you will get another call from G he will then ask for the gear out of Herberts drill. Then the mission is over. You will be awarded a Boiler Foiler Spoiler award and a cool gift which is really just the old makeshift gear that the puffle made in the last mission and it will be in a cooler. Also Rockhoppers coming. Check out this pic! Also the Contest start Today!! If you know any of the people in this pic or you are a person in the pic tell them they can win 10000 coins if they claim there prize within 5 days! ~Admin [)@/\/\/’/ $0/0~.