New!! Contest

by dannysolo

For this summer I am thinking about a contest that involves random people. Here are the rules: I will weekly take a picture at a random server anbody in the picture will have a chance at 10,000 coins! In order to win the contest you must be in the picture and post ur name and password on this blog within 3 days of winning so if you know anybody in the picture tell them wat they won. I will not post the password or the name for ALOT of reasons. Also the first person to claim the prize wins. The contest will not start unless Slimball2007 agrees that he will allow the contest. As soon as he gives the OK i will start the contest also Slimball2007 will not be earing coins i will earn them. Also if u like the idea plz post a approving comment if i do not have 10 comments within two weeks i will stop the contets. THANK YOU.