Mission 7 Out!

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins! 😀

The mission 7 is out with a new “Top Secret” folder!

Also, I am now going to TYPE what to do. Ugh :rolls: 😆

1: Talk to gary, then go to the place were it’s called the “Invention Cabinet.”

2: Click the Cabinet and enter the code “Key” It should look like this:

3: Get the magnet and go to the second room of the HQ.

4: Then get the tube that is next to the “Thing a- Majig 3003.”

5: Go to the ice berg and there should be a spiral in a ice block. Use the magnet to get it.

6: Then now, go to the beach and get the bucket thats next to the penguin with the red glasses on.

7: Go to the town and get the paper that the agent is holding. (Rookie)

8: Now, go to the Pizza Place and get the note paper that is next to the piano.

9: Go to the snow-forts and use the bucket to get the snow.

10: Go to the stage and click the piano.

11: Place the music sheet on the piano stand. Play the exact notes as the music  thats on the sheet one time.

12: The puffle will come and then exit the piano.

13: The  puffle will come out, then give the puffle the picture of the missing gear.

14: Again, give the puffle the bucket full of snow.

15: Get the snow gear and go to the second room of the HQ. Find the “Test Chamber” and put the spiral on the machine. Set  it to fire mode and melt the ice.

16: Now, again get the snow gear and place it into the machine. This time set it into the snow mode. Now make it harder.

17: Go to the dock. Click the to snowball players and hit the target 3 times. The bar on the bottom right shows the power. Click the bottom of the bar and let go when it is on red. Aim and fire!

18: After you beat him, you get the target, so now give them the tube for their new target! (This action provides the Gift.

19: Go to the snow-forts and click the clock. Put the gear in the middle, and the spring on the other side of the other spring, and place the target. You should know where it is.

20: Exit the clock and your cell will ring. It is herbet and G comes up.

Thanks all! Enjoy the mission!