Big Events!

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins! πŸ˜€

Today, the new news is that Rock Hopper is coming back to the island! (With a Canoe.) It takes 1 week to get to ClubPenguin! Poor RockHopper. πŸ˜†

In the snow forts the Clock is getting wild! Here’s a animation:

Also, the new igloo catalog has a sweet new igloo. It’s a back yard!

A backyard can’t be complete without out side stuff! The new furniture catalog is out and here is a picture for you: (The camera is in the electronics section.)

The new igloo looks like this:

NOTICE: Changing your floor design will not effect the Yard.

Don’t for get the new post cards!

That’s all for now, tata!

Feel The Joy πŸ˜€