News All Over!

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins!

People are wondering, how do you make a .tk?

Well, I can make one for you!

If you want me to make a .tk for you then please add me to your blogroll. Then say I added you on my blog roll and comment it on my latest post, and say what your site name should be. Ex. Please choose 2 URL’s in case the first one is taken. Then I will edit that comment and say, URL is done, or Both URLs are taken. If that happens comment on the latest post again and comment another URL that you want to be a .tk.

Cool eh?

Also, theres a Aqua Grabber update! Sorry I’m late about it!

The Black Pearl Seems to give you 50 coins!

The White Pearl seems to give you 25 coins

Theres a treasure chest that gives you coins too. I think about 500 coins!

Now the CPIP is coming into action! On April 14, Club Penguin will be shut down between 12 am (midnight) and 3pm (Penguin Standard Time) so we can change out the servers. They will be faster then the old ones! In other news, clubpenguin is going to change the design, can’t wait! 😀 Oh ya, Billybob said there will be a upgrade or something to the CPIP testers! What do you think it is?

Last but not least, The episode Guitar Death is out. I judge that Ep 2 or 3 is the funniest.

Well, Thats all, see ya in the future!

Feel The Joy! 😀