News Paper/New Catalog/Music Video

by Flipmoo

Heya Penguins! 😀

This news paper is pretty special! It has a cross word puzzle. Aunt Artic is going to be the Official editor!

Here’s how to solve the cross word puzzle:

Also, there’s a new catalog and it has pretty neat stuff!

The flash to it is

Here’s another animation I made for the catalog!


Last, I’m making a music video! This is the first one that I ever made, so if I do it correctly and enjoyable, I will be happy! This post will be edited and then I will put the video on this post!


Lol, I think you were expecting a party, well we can do that too if you want! 😀

Well, that’s all for now! See ya later!

Feel The Joy! 😀

Ps. WordPress changed, so I can’t reply to comments just yet!