Victory!/ Silver Fish/New Pin/Gone

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins! 😀

IMAF has one the war! We battled of snow balls, but we won! At the end we did a Find four game and the ATP leader said that. Woah, you don’t believe me? Well I took a picture of him giving up!


In other news, the new silver fish is out. The silver fish is 8 coins each, and you will need a special item to get it. The item is for members. If you want to be a member and haven’t yet, click here. The item costs 200 coins. Here’s the flash of the new catalog

And the new pin is at the pool. 


Also, my best friend is coming to a sleep over at my house, so I will be gone for awhile. I will post when I’m back.

Well, see ya guys around! 


Feel The Joy!  😀