Private War/New Theme

by Flipmoo

News(!), ATP has requested war to us! I wonder whyThe image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

When: 4:50 Pm eastern time America. Friday 29th

California: 1:50 Pm

London: 9:50 Pm

 New York: 4:50 Pm

Georgia: 4:50 Pm

Iowa: 3:50 Pm 

New Jersey: 4:50 Pm

China: 5:50 Am  (Sat march 1st)

Japan: 6:50 Am (Sat march 1st)

Where:  Flag: USA  Server: Thermal At The Dojo.

If they don’t show up, we win!

I hope you guys show up!  

Also, I have made a choice that I will be changing the theme, and clean my widgets up a little bit.

Well, see ya’ll later!


Feel The Joy!