New Furniture and Igloo Catalog/War

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins!

We’ve got great news! The igloo furniture is Great! New Orange Bubble seats, clam chairs, and many more! The Flash To The Furniture Catalog is

As for the igloo catalog there are 2 new floorings (Cherry Hardwood and Whirl Pool), but the Igloo’s Snow globe design and Ice Castle came back. The flash to the Igloo catalog is

 Also, ARMYTP has requested war to us! I wonder why…

When: 4:50 Pm eastern time America. Friday 29th

California: 1:50 Pm

London: 9:50 Pm

 New York: 4:50 Pm

Georgia: 4:50 Pm

Iowa: 3:50 Pm 

New Jersey: 4:50 Pm

China: 5:50 Am  (Sat march 1st)

Japan: 6:50 Am (Sat march 1st)

Where:  Flag: USA  Server: Thermal At The Dojo.

If they don’t show up, we win!

I hope you guys show up!  


Feel The Joy!