New ClubPenguin Events./Beta’s Announced!

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins! 😀

Lets start off with the news shall we?

Remember the post about the helmets? I thought the “Space ship” was going to PlanetCazmo, but it seems like it was for a submarine to find parts for the ship! 😀 This newspaper is the best one yet if you look at it from me. 🙂
Now, for the new items!
The Yellow Snorkel Which is at the forest.
Also, The Sea Shell Belt At The Book Room 
Don’t Forget the New Pin! 
The Best decorated place is the town if you look at it from me.  
In other news the 2 betas are chosen!
First Beta: JordFan Congrats!
The Second Beta was VERY hard to pick, but The Winner is…
Second Beta: Fang577 Congrats!
So beta’s you may get fired if you are lacking or replacing with Inappropriate stuff. No violence stuff, please. 
Well, I’ll be  going now!
Feel The Joy!