New Stage/Laptop/ Change To New Theme?

by Flipmoo

Hello Penguins!

The new stage came out today. It seems to be mascot judging. Who Will win?

Here’s a picture of the new stage:


Click To See Full Version.

Also, The New Costume Trunk Is Out!
Costume Trunk Flash

Don’t forget the post cards!
Post Cards Flash


In other news I might get a new Apple laptop!
It’s my moms, but she doesn’t need it anymore because it’s too slow for her. I already have a computer which is a Windows Server 2000, but it is so slow. After along time I will get my own Windows Vista which is way faster than my moms Apple Computer And my old one. So I’ll See ya all around!

Ps. Do you think this theme is bad? If so take this poll!

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Feel The Joy.