Ouch Ouch Ouch OUCH!

by Flipmoo

Hello Pengies!
Yesterday I went skateboarding and I got hurt 4-5 times. 😮
The First Time Was When I went down a slope and I was dumb enough to lean forward too much and then I fell. Yup. Right in the spot where I got Hurt 5 Days Ago. 😐 I didn’t cry but Ouch! Next I tried to do a rock [The Picture Of Rock Is Down below but read this first and I can do this normal but it was just bad luck that time], but then My back wheel got stuck and I fell. The Fall Wasn’t bad AT ALL 😀 BUT when I tried to get up my skate board fired at my face and now I have a scar on my face. 😮 It still hurts now.
Then Again I tried to drop down from a 18 Inch slope and I crashed into a Collage Boy and IT HURT SO BAD. 😦
He hit my head by accident but man I still have a headache! Ugh. 😆 It was almost time to leave. So I tried to do another rock
and I was so tired So my energy was so low. AGAIN my back wheel got stuck and I fell. This time it hurt bad! I think I dended my knee. Ouch Ouch Ouch OUCH. 😆
Well Thats All The Pain I Had. 😆
Heres What a Rock Looks Like: (I drew Ir really fast so don’t think I’m stupid! 😆 )
Skate Board Rock

Hope You Can Come To My Party At https://slimball.wordpress.com/2008/01/13/my-fashion-show-party/

Feel The Joy (or pain, lol)