I want Msaa786 dead or alive

by Gcruler1

This Is what Gjmc784 is saying

He was placed under arrest for Cheating in the meebo poll and for Ip hacking. Now he wants full force out on him. I want everyone out patrolling servers.He admitted to cheating and Ip hacking and he thinks its funny. If you have Msn add hima.ali786@ hotmail.co.uk

I want him brought in. You find him, come to a RBS site and call for backup.

The bounty on him right now is….20,000 coins

He is calling us bull shit. I want you to go on every server and see if you can find him. Are we gonna let him trash talk us? We outnumber him 55 to 1.

And we have an advantage too D


He is bad talking CP and everything. He is calling me a homo, but he is the real homo.

If you arent in RBS go to http://therbs.wordpress.com join and your ready!