Chatango Contest

by Flipmoo

I am making a Chatango Mod contest!!
If you become a mod you get to bann and delete chat history.
Atleast 1 mod is online on my chatango.

To get chosen on my chatango contest you need to comment alot on my site. The more comments you comment on my postes and pages the more chance of you becoming a mod! ๐Ÿ˜€
To join comment here below saying the stuff below:

If you already have and Account whats the user name.
If you dont look and follow these instructions:
Go to
Then on the bottom right corner click set up name
click it.

Then fillใ€€out the forms below and comment it on this post.
Then tell why you wanna be a mod.
About 1 or 2 sentectes or longer.

The rules are:
No avertizing (1 warning 2nd time bann for 1 hour)
No cussing (1 warning 2nd time bann for a day)
No sexual talk (right away bann for 1 day)
No Threts (right away bann for 2 days)
NO asking for passwords (bann for 3 days)
So future mods DONT FORGET THE RULES. ๐Ÿ˜€
So comment People comment!!!
Btw this contest will end at the date of Jan. 11 2008 So ya comment ppl comment everywhere!!