Waz Up?Funny story

by Flipmoo

hello Guys!
I just wanted to tell you a funny stroy lol 😆
I was at a party one time and I had to go use the “boys room” but they were all full in the house exept 1. I went to that one and i closed the door. Did the stuff i had to do and guess what? THE LOCK BROKE OFF! Omg. 😆
I knocked on the door hard and people heard me! The tried to get me out but nope it didn’t work!!!
The lock was scrued off but it was night and in the hole i couldn’t see where the screw went.
I didn’t panicke
I truned the lock in a clicle and i found where the lock went!!! then i got out!!!
hip hip hurray !! 😆 😀
Well thats all ppl chow chow