Omg this Party roolZ!!!!!

by Flipmoo

Ok this clubpenguin party roolz!
To get the prize go to the snoforts then get the
Then wear it.
Click the pumkin icon on the top next to the moderator
1 candy: Pizza Patlor (the organ top)
2nd candy: coffe shop (put mouse on pile of candy)
3rd candy: Forest (In a tree hole look left down)
4th candy: Beacon (In a rescue hoop look right then down)
5th candy: The fishing game room (In the fishes eye)
6th candy: The dance club (click the green puffle then correct ansewer riddle = Happy haloween!)
7th candy: Click the scare crow on the head
8th candy: In the cove binoculars (wait 10 seconds then octopus will appear click on octopuses candy)
Then click the punckin icon next to the agent icon then click “Claim Prize”
See what you get!