Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooo good!!

by Flipmoo

Look heres what it said in 1Fiddy’s blog!!

ok, its been a while but here is the real story!
I used to hack and play club penguin and had fun with it until….
I hacked at school(big mistake), i went to the princepal we had a big talk about hacking going to jail, and to make matters worse, that lard CALLED MY PARENTS. Then they heard about it and from then on i havent hacked but people have been imposters so this is the real 1fiddy i have created a new penguin called 1fiddy cp and here is a picture of my penguin he is not a member becuase every member penguin i make gets banned so im not making any more of my penguins members.

and i have a new email which is
Thats my story and i will make my site hacking a fun!
I will continue to build my website, becuase right now it is crappy!